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About us


Over the last few years there has been an explosion in new, amazing products for skincare and female hygiene across Asia – from China to Singapore and from Hong Kong to Korea – and we thought it was about time that customers in the UK should have access to them.

We could have brought you hundreds to choose from but we imagined that our customers would probably appreciate it if we handled the time-consuming selection process for them, so, after extensive research (and lots of product testing on ourselves), we chose what we consider to the very best of the best, the cream of the crop (if you’ll excuse the pun!)

Our site simply focused on:

-  3 skincare products that can be bought individually, but work best as a programme, each perfectly supporting the others to leave your skin super-clean, radiant and young-looking.

-  A 100% organic sanitary pad (which comes in 5 sizes and styles) that helps you to stay fresher for longer while being far more environmentally considerate than others out there.

Life’s too short for complicated decisions, so if you’re looking for the finest skincare and female hygiene products Asia has to offer, products that prioritise environmental responsibility, quality and care, then we’ve got the very best for you.